Pengfei Group is going to the world and rising quickly
2014/7/12 11:50:39

Wang Jia’an (2nd from left in front) and President of Azerbaijan Illham Heydar Ogly Aiiyev (2nd from right in front) attended the anniversary ceremony for Azerbaijan Cement Plang Project Constructed by Jiangsu Pengfei Group Wang Jia’an, Male, born in 1957, is member of communist party of China, president & general manager of Jiangsu Pengfei Group. He is the representative in 30 years of reforms and opening-up in national building material industry, labor model of Jiangsu Province, excellent intellectual of Jiangsu Province, key talented person of Jiangsu 333 project, excellent Su business man, Nantong annual character, Nantong npc member and Nantong scientific meritorious statesman.
 In 2002, Wang Jia’an lead Pengfei Group to a new journey for starting a new undertaking.  In 2013, Pengfei group made out an sales invoice of RMB 3 billion, contributed RMB 93,239,700 tax & fund. At present, As leading company of Chinese cement machinery enterprises, the scale gross of Pengfei group is the 2nd in the national industry and 1st in provincial industry. Main equipments gained China Top Brand, Pengfei trademark become Chinese famous trademark. Our products are exported to Germany, Russia, Brazil, etc. over 40 countries & regions.
Take customers’ demand as our target, develop new products via gradual innovation and extend international market; promote the enterprise change the increasing model from speed benefit into quality benefit.
Since March of 2002, Jia’an Wang is appointed as president & general manager of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, Pengfei Group go out of difficulty and rised quickly.
After reform of enterprise, Wang Jia’an lead Pengfei group to create new brilliant with his strategies.
When Wang Jia’an just take over Pengfei Group, he faces this situation: lots of talented people leaft, enterprise was losing money and development was weak and it wandered through the difficulty. He made the decision to use the scientific results with good foreground and rapidly developed scientific industries. So, New Pengfei quickly formed new strategy: focus on main industry, quite non-core business, create a new Pengfei via asset restructing.

In order to update equipment, Pengfei group keep enlarging investment on scientific innovation, the group promote updating of processing facilities via many ways which makes processing capacity is over 10 times than that of before meeting the demand of manufacturing rotary kiln & ball mill less than Φ10m.

In Pengfei, the though of Jia’an Wang impressed everyone. Via the knowledge of building material industry, he analysis the characters of building material industry, adjust the structure to develop processing capacity of large kiln & mill. At present, Pengfei group has become leading company of Chinese cement machinery industry, become exporting base of large-scale cement equipments, our products are exported to Germany, Russia, Brazil, etc.

In recent years, Pengfei group adjust the developing strategy via its technical direction and characters, reform into mineral machinery, non-ferrous equipment, chemical machinery, environmental-protection machinery, coal machinery and seaport machinery, etc. and actively extend a new developing route.

High speed developing route of Pengfei Group is a new gradual scientific innovation route. Concerning extending & innovation, Wang Jia’an thought all enterprises should create core competitively for a leading position via innovation.

As senior engineer, Jia’an Wang always is the practitioners for development of enterprise. He developed over 20 new products and applied for 52 patents including 10 patents. He sufficiently implement the technical strength accumulated in these years, successfully developed grinding equipment for 3000tpd, 5000tpd & 8000tpd and complete equipments for 10000tpd cement production line.

Create building material base to guide industrial clusters. In 2007, Wang Jia’an take the director of Hai’an Building Material Machinery Industry commerce. He lead the group to analysis the current status and developing space for national building material machineries, propose advancing management thought. Professors of this industry thought Pengfei base has played a important role in extending the international market of Chinese building material industry.

Until the end of 2009, total national cement output has reached 1.6 billion tons which become the max. cement manufacturer. Pengfei vigorously integrated the marketing resources, set up main marketing routes, implemented the incentive policies, meanwhile strengthen the inter-visit and communication with high level leaders and gradually extend cooperating range. At present, Pengfei has become the strategic partner of 31 national famous enterprises, implemented innovation on market locating, leap of current position and become national important suppliers of cement machinery.

Meanwhile, Wang Jia’an led Pengfei to speed up the extending of international market and search for cooperation of foreign market.  Pengfei set offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia & take new developing models.

In recent years, national large-scale cement technical equipment & engineering service exporting and international competitively strongly increased. Due specific advantage of seaport location and manufacturing capacity, more and more equipments made by Pengfei are transported to the world.

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