Dust collector
Description: The dust collector is a larger scale dust collector. It has the features of big airflow handling, good ash removal efficiency, high dust collecting efficiency, reliable drive, easy maintenance and small covering area. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric industry, chemical industry, building materials and so on. It consist ash bucket, filter chamber, net gas chamber, frame, lifting valve, ash removal device and so on. When operating, gas with dust comes to ash bucket via air channel and large dust particles fall to ash bucket bottom directly and smaller dust comes to filter chamber with air turning up. It is retained on the outer surface and purification gas comes to bag and discharges from exhaust port.
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1. High dust collecting efficiency. After purification, exhaust gas dust comncentration≤50mg/Nm3 and dust collecting efficiency ≥99.9%.
2. High automation level. Adopt computer control technology, sub-room cleaning, automatic unloading ash, discharging ash.
3. Advanced technology. It is developed on the basis of American Fuller company technology and Germany dust collecting technology combined with our national conditions. It has both the features of sub-room reverse blowing and pulse jet dust collecting which adds use adaptability and improves dust collecting efficiency.
4. High operating rate. It can change bags for sub-room and provide maintenance without stopping equipment. Operating rate with host is up to 100%.
5. Long lifespan. Adapt high quality pulse valve of high efficiency and stability and long lifespan. Be equipped with high quality needle filter. Filter bags’ average lifespan is above two years.
6. Strong adaptability. It can handle dust gas whose inlet concentration is up to 1300 mg/Nm3. It can both be dust collecting equipment and finished products collecting equipment for O-sepa high efficient separator and vertical mill. This series of equipment can handle different dust with special material.
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