Pengfei Group organized & implemented the industrial project of large-scale (high pressure roller mill ) roller press system
2014/7/16 11:50:57

Roller press is key equipment of grinding system for building material & mineral industries which could reduce power consumption, improve the output, save the investment and it is easy to develop to large-scale, more environmental protection and much easier for operation & maintenance. Under the background of energy saving & exhaustion reduction with national support & encouragement, roller press manufacturing should take the advantaged market. Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd set up new roller shaft processing workshop, welding workshop, assembly workshop, hydraulic test workshop and configured painting room, air compressor, scientific building for this project which has become industrial base for large-scale roller press high pressure grinding system.

 Pengfei Group focused on developing, manufacturing & selling the high efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection equipments and tried our best to supply best solution for grinding system of building material, mineral industries. In mineral grinding area, the application of roller press just started,  abrasive resistance of roller surface material is the key factor of application of roller press, complying with gradual breakthrough of abrasive resistance of roller surface material, Pengfei group gained breakthrough of abrasive resistance of the material which successfully extend the application of roller press into new mental mineral grinding area, market share enlarge gradually, so Pengfei now is on the leading position of the industry.

 Pengfei Gorup focused on developing high efficient, energy-saving, envormental protection roller press together with supporting equipment, gained 65 national patents, multi patents & technical achievements, science & technology progress award, the leading technology of national & international market, strong self-developing capacity which makes Pengfei become the national largest developing & manufacturing base of roller press. As power consumption of ball mill is high which is opposite to national energy-saving & exhaustion reduction, meanwhile power consumption & raw material consumption of roller press comparing with that of ball mill reduce over 30%, so annual saving of enterprise is about RMB 20 million. Under the dual driving of national policy & cost saving, now ball mill is supplied together with roller press gradually, the demand of roller press for upgrading of new-type dry process production line will increase quickly, the space of market is huge, future application potential of raw meal grinding is large and roller press together with vertical roller mill grinding system will gradually hold the market, roller press final grinding system will increase up to 50%.

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