Jiangsu Pengfei Group successfully develop rotary kiln co-processing 100ton household waste per day
2014/12/1 11:52:44

Cement kiln co-processing solid waste technology is mature technology which used in developed country & area and has over 30 years experience. Develop cement kiln co-processing solid waste technology to relief the huge environmental press caused by insufficient solid waste treating capacity which is significant to improve the solid waste treating waste capacity in emergency and is the demand for controlling environmental risk & promoting circle economic development.

Pengfei Group successfully developed solid waste co-processing rotary kiln, via inlet variety limit, harmful element feeding control, feeding point selection, smoke pollution treating, cement product quality, etc. key points to control pollution in the whole process and proposed relevant control measures. Now we have the specification of 100TPD, total input amount is RMB35,000,000. Later based on customers’ requirement, we can develop 300TPD and 500TPD equipment.

At present Chinese cement industry co-process the solid waste of industrial slag such as fly ash, blast furnace slag, sulfate slag, etc. with low substitution. Using cement kiln to co-process dangerous waste, household waste, domestic sludge, polluted soil and industrial waste just starts. The publishing of《cement kiln co-processing solid waste pollution control standard》& configured standard is significant to specify cement kiln co-processing solid waste, carry out environmental supervision, improve enterprise management level and promote healthy development of the industry.  The government published a series of documents to promote the cement kiln co-processing solid waste technology, so it is estimated to be rapidly developed.

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